Monday, May 26, 2008

How Did The 46 Returning Army Officers Lose Their Lives?

Were you about to tell me through an autocrash as a result of their vehicle colliding with an oil tanker? Yeah I know that. But what caused the collision? That is the puzzle

• Bad road?
• Bad weather?
• Bad vehicle?
• Bad driving?

We may want to let sleeping dogs lie particularly because of the affected family. But....shouldn’t there be a thorough investigation into why the accident happened? At least for tomorrow’s sake, so that we never record same incident.

Well on a second note, remembering what we could be like in this country, we never really care about lives. Or do we? Considering all the mishaps that have taken place on our NIGERIAN ROADS and no long term remedy has been put in place till date to avert them. As I also remember the infamous Ibadan-Ife road accident that happened sometime in 2000 caused by a tanker transporting fuel. The accident claimed lives of people commuting in more than 20 vehicles on both sides of the road........I remember this sadly because I can still vividly remember seeing the flame of burning bodies and metal rising from my room in the Post Graduate hall of O.A.U.

How many more people would we like to see dead before we find a lasting solution to the death traps we call roads?

Ps: I just had to come out of my hibernation and say something about this. For xxx’s sake, I’m about to have and raise a baby in Nigeria!


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