Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Mona Lisa People

“Nigerians are one of the happiest people in the world”.

Whenever I am reminded of this saying and realizing that might be what the world thinks of us and the most painful, that the president, members of house of assembly, governors, local government chairmen, councilors and other governmental ruling bodies and individuals think this exactly of the people in their constituencies.

The thought that runs through my mind in these times, I believe are similar to what Leonardo Da Vinci must have been thinking when he painted the illustrious painting of Mona Lisa. She smiles yet she sorrows all within one face.

Nigerians should be credited for what my mentor (Fela Durotoye) calls our resilience. Nigerians have perfected the art of stretching, adapting, managing and above all laughing heartily and attending churches and mosques to praise God for little mercies.

Our leaders have mistakenly misinterpreted our smiles and laughter. They do not now what lies behind the smiling lips and teary eyes and they give a soothing conclusion to themselves, it has to be happiness.

I think we remain happy because of our fears. We do not want war. We are scared we would loose more than a war is worth. Our leaders need to be aware of a fact though, Happiness is not contentment. There are unshed tears in the eyes of many, untold sorrows in the heart of millions, unattended hunger in the bellies of millions of children, death lingers at the doors of millions of families because of the lack of basic things that maintain life in the civilized world which are good roads, medical care, electricity, affordable housing, quality education, and security.

Dear leaders, that is the Heart Cry of the Heart Beat of Africa. We also smile because we hope against hope that one day you would wake up to your right responsibilities to us or leave us and leave the reign of rulership of our land to another and we still wait.

Our desires are not lofty dreams like yours, dear leaders. We are not interested in acquiring the Bentleys, Pajeros, Lexus, not in stacking away unfathomable millions of dollars in bank accounts or flying first class around the world and performing cosmetic surgeries without blinking an eyelid to the stricken poverty of the people. They are simple, we want to enjoy basic and fundamental amenities and provisions due any citizen in a civilized nation.

We hope you yield our gravely humble request or can we conclude dear leaders, that there is a possibility that you are uncivilized and so do not know or understand the needs of civilized citizens. Kindly let us know if this is the case, so we can know how best to direct our efforts in getting attendant ears to our cries because we may appear to laugh and smile, but our hearts wail in deep anguish.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I am reblogging a post from Ready for Life, Dipo Tepede (Tajh)'s blog. I stumbled on the blog which is coincidentally his secondary blog, his primary page is Dipo Tepede.POeT and I ...... begged ( I only asked really) him to allow me reblog the post.

Three days later, I received a call, it was from Tajh and he announced to me that I have the copyright permission to reblog this, so with all jubilation, I hereby present to you this lovely piece which he titled ABORTION 2.

The post kinda perfectly reflects what I am going through, my struggles with God, My Father, and you know the jealous feeling we get when we see our mates who have fancier jobs, drive fancier cars, have the TDH hussie and yellow popo wify.

It's certainly a piece worth reading.

I remembered an intimate situation I found myself 3 weeks ago and I decided to share it with my dear readers on the premise that it might be useful to someone;

I got out of my BMW on this fateful day when a brand new Avensis swept past me to park in front of me in my office garage. I tried to peep into the front car and I was amazed to see my former colleague nodding steadily obviously in tune with music blaring out of his CD. He had just moved from Glo to a bank; immediately he saw me, the glass of the car automatically wound down and an uncontrollable splash of air conditioning breezed through my already frigid skin. He immediately invited me to have a ride in his new car but our conversation was obstructed by my other colleagues who rushed for his attention.

I was immediately jealous and I felt so down that I hurriedly walked away from the scene to my office toilet. On closing the door to the toilet, I could not control the anger I felt as they kept pouring out. I immediately comported myself as the following conversation ensued between God and me;

Me: Why God? I have been praying for a promotion, but you have not done it.
God: Is there anything too hard for me to do?

Me: No, I suppose but you seem to favor some people over me.
God: Those that compare themselves are not wise.
Me: Please, how do I gauge my progress in life? I am not comparing myself, I am praying for something I need.
God: Then what are you doing feeling sorry for yourself. I have given you various opportunities to be promoted but you did not take them.

Me: What?
God: Remember, when I told you about the “automated routing” you were to propose to your boss but you ignored it.

Me: I did not know you were the one speaking to me.
God: You did, but you ignored it because you were afraid of how it will come out.

Me: Yes, I was afraid of being rebuked but I did not know it was you. If I knew, I would have boldly stood up because I could never disobey you.

God: Remember, your undergraduate days when you had a hunch to read some particular part of your physics note and exactly all the things you read came out; that was your first A on the campus. Am I right?
Me: Yes, God. Was that you?
God: Remember, your first day at Student Christian Movement fellowship and you felt at peace with the environment though you were a Moslem.
Me: Yes, were you the one?
God: Remember, when you finally broke up with your first fiancée. Who comforted you?
Me: I was traumatized Lord, that was no comfort.
God: You soul was shattered but your spirit was intact, this was necessary for maturity.
Me: Okay God, you speak in various ways.
God: No, I speak to you in patterns you understand; they may come in various forms but my sheep know my voice.

Me: What am I to do now?
God: I give seed to the sower- meaning anybody that is actively sowing seeds; I don’t give the fruits.
Me: But I pay my tithe and give offerings in church.
God: Giving offerings and paying your tithe is commendable but I am talking about some other forms of seeds. I do not owe any man; when last were u sick? When last did you quarrel? When last did you have an accident?

Me: I am very sorry Lord, but I don’t understand. What can I do to be promoted like my colleague?
God: You do not know what you ask for. Can you drink of the same wine he drinks from or be baptized with baptism he is baptized with?
Me: Yes Lord, I can.
God: That means you are willing to sleep for only 2 hours in a day. You are willing to write various business proposals and see them thrown to the drain by various investors until you can get it right. You are willing to invest your life savings in high risk ventures and lose it various times till you get it right. You are willing to look at your wife in the face, and put her money in places you are not comfortable with.
Me: No God, that’s too much.
God: This is why you should not compare yourself with others but compete with yourself to reach the goals I give to you.
Me: Okay, I understand.
God: I have given you everything that pertains to life and Godliness. You aborted the idea I gave you, if you had obeyed the idea irrespective of your boss compliance, I would have led you to a higher dimension with me. If Abraham had aborted my ideas, there would not have been an Israel. If Jesus had aborted the idea of not dieing, I doubt I will be talking to you today. The light afflictions you are facing now are going to work out for your eternal glory.
Me: Oh God, I am very sorry for aborting the plan you gave me?
God: Do not despise the days of little beginning. Just like I told Moses; the rod he used in tending for his father-in-law sheep is the same rod that he used in delivering the Israelites. The way David looked after his fathers’ sheep conscientiously is the same way I knew he will take care of my people when I make him King. So Dipo, whatever is in your hand, do it with all your heart.
Me: Ok Lord, I will.

God: Do not abort this idea, they are for generations unborn……………...

NOTE: All these conversation with God took place over a period of time.


So, what do you guys think?

Friday, August 04, 2006


Did you notice that this title case is in all caps which I rarely do? I love my Sentence Case so much....Anyways, the case of this heading reflects the state of mind... I am screaming!!!!

I heard this on the news yesterday night on AIT news and I went …ahh!!!! Now my hopes of her sanitizing the embassies in the country and saving us from their bestiality are all dashed.

News are flying around that her resignation is as a result of Baba’s unrepentant brutal system of carrying out appointments, redeployments, demotions, promotions and reappointments at his witty desire.

Any good faith-seeking leader knows that you just don’t move people away from their area of passion where they deliver excellently and are of best use to the organisation or corporation which they serve without a prior briefing and gaining their consent.

Ngozi was the Minister of Finance and the Head of the Economic team that secured the popular debt relief for our country, Nigeria and in addition has been a good ambassador of the Obasanjo administration. This I know because I have listened to some of her press interviews particularly with Richard Quest of CNN.

The reason (view her resignation letter here) given by the adept former minister is that she will like to attend to pressing family needs. However, many Nigerians believe otherwise. Nigerians believe that the reasons are first her removal from the post of the Minister of Finance which happened 44 days ago and most recently been removed as the Head of the Economic Team, an act that finally broke the camel’s back.

Her removal as head of the Economic Management Team occurred on Tuesday this week while away in London, negotiating another debt pardon for Nigeria There are other insinuations milling around about why she resigned from the Obasanjo cabinet which I have painstakingly presented below for your reading pleasure:

SalStep from the Nigeria Village Square says -
I see a bit of bad belly in all this. Could it be that she is refusing Baba Dauda OBJ's advances? This whole thing stinks.

I find it very hard to believe its all political. Baba no fit shine congo, so don dey witchy the poor woman. This might be a good time to relink that photo of BABA adjusting the headgear of Ngozi.

From This Day Newspaper -
THISDAY also gathered that Monday, the Minister of Finance, Mrs Nenadi Usman had gone to the President to express concerns that few weeks before the 2006 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group in Singapore, she was yet to be contacted by the Meetings Secretariat.

She was said to have complained to the President that it seems she is yet to be recognised by the two Bretton Wood institutions as the country’s Finance Minister and that both IMF and World Bank may still be thinking that the Finance Ministry was under Okonjo-Iweala and thus be dealing directly with her and undermining her (Usman) responsibilities.

An angry President Obasanjo was said to have immediately taken the decision that Okonjo-Iweala be relieved of her role as the leader of the Economic Team and that her role as the Foreign Affairs Minister be limited to non-aligned movement so that it would be clear to international financial institutions that Usman is now in charge.

Banko from the Nigeria Village Square alleged this reasons -

The unauthorized $34b withdrawal by OBJ brought before the senator, inflated foreign payment challenged when she was the Ministers of Finance she was never a “YES SIR” follow- follow administrator Baba wanted.

Positubosun from the Nigeria Village Square gave alleged this reasons -

There may be a grand strategy to frustrate the woman so that the 'winding up' regime would be able to carry out its satanic agenda of looting the treasury. There are several precedents to this effect.

Let us remember that we are dealing with a very satanic regime.

From This Day Newspaper -

According to information, another reason why Obasanjo had been looking for an opportunity to slight Okonjo-Iweala was as a result of a publication, about two weeks ago, by the London-based Economist Magazine suggesting that the President removed Okonjo-Iweala from the finance ministry because of a last minute effort at looting the treasury.

THISDAY gathered that “though Mr. President had read same story in the local media, he felt slighted and stabbed in the back that Okonjo-Iweala did not make any attempt to correct that impression to the extent that it was now published in the international media.
“The President felt that even if she did not correct the notion when it was published in the local media, if she meant well, she was supposed to have corrected it when it was now being believed and published in the international media”.

Finally, you can view the acceptance of our dear Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s resignation by the presidency here. And just as mentioned in the president's letter, 'we will miss you' Ngozi. Ciao!