Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As the Grass Go Brown

I ache in my heart
Because the answer does not seem near
Neither the solution close by
When I asked the Lord
I expected immediate answer
But now, the grass go brown

I had decided to wait and truly waited
Telling myself just a little bit more
And it’ll all get better
It’ll all be sweet again
And we shall return

From the waiting
My hands have hung down
My knees have gone feeble
My eyes are getting dim
And my heart is sick

When will I see your salvation oh Lord
For it is in you I hope
It is on you I wait
Your testimony from of old has been my solace

But now, would you consider me too
Would you fight my cause?
Can I rely on you to answer my pleas?
Or should we regard those days sweetly spoken of
As past gone?

Oh God, Am I in your agenda?


Men I have sought out to raise
I give a promise and then they wait
For every weight to be laid aside
That they might obtain the promise
For the promise is sure and for a certain time

And as for the days of old
Men did wait for my salvation
Even when they saw the grass go brown.

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