Friday, April 21, 2006

Much Ado about Third Term

I was in a really bitter state yesterday. I don't know if any one saw yesterday's This Day newspaper with adverts on the third term bid filling three pages.

I thought an advertisement must be placed by an identifiable sponsor according to Advertising professionals, but i don't think i saw any name or signature of the person or group that sponsored that advert.

My own summation: The Presidency

I am getting more and more infuriated with Obasanjo (click here to see what he looks like) and his unrepentant sycophants who refuse to open their eyes, ears and minds, but are only interested in their bellies (May God do unto them as they do to the common Nigerian!).

At the onset of the third term drama, I was unsuspecting of baba (President Obasanjo) thinking it was only some group of people wagging their tongues, until several events began to unfold. Topmost of all was the constitution review, then the witch hunting of everyone, group or institution that seemingly was against the third term bid and now, they are extending it to governors and using the avenue of the media to cajole Nigerians into this unjust act.

Now I strongly believe with no aorta of doubt in my mind that our dear Baba Obasanjo has always wanted this, and I would not even be surprised if his real plan is to become a Life President and like Tinubu said in a speech, the government wants to rule Nigerians under a civilian dictatorship.

The claim of the pro-third term (rather, pro-Obasanjo) people from my assessment so far is ONLY to ensure continuity of the economic reforms going on in the country.

Where are we going as Nigerians, do we mean that governmental frameworks will always disintegrate with the emergence of a new government. What is the primary function of returning officers in every executive set-up, is it not to ENSURE THE CONTINUITY OF PROGRAMS? So what exactly are these dump pro-Obasanjo peole saying, if Obasanjo is not there, all positive developmental programs of the country will die or what?

They should please go back to what they were doing before the emergence of their cruel plans to reinstitute Obasanjo for a third (or fourth) presidency term.

At this point, I see Obasanjo as a very sly person, I am sure you are asking if I have been blind all this while. Well, I am a very trusting person and I take people for what they say and appear to be but with the drama so far, whaoo.... I don't even know who is a better dribbler, Babangida or Obasanjo.

The reason I am saying this is because, I even more suspect another ploy to this whole third term episode, I think Obasanjo wants to gain a high level of credibility with the international community. He may not go in for a third term and he will affirm that after much persuasion and even though he had the opportunity and full support of all Nigerians, he CHOSE not to vie for a third term. Hmmm... I think I should become a political strategist, seems like I have the mind of one.

As for him returning a fourth time as Nigeria's president, it is a NO WAY TO GO FOR NIGERIA!!!!! He should please return to his farm after May 29, his chickens are missing him dearly.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gone too Long

The date of my last post was March 28, whaooo! that was just much too long and many waters have passed under the bridge over this time.

I left my place of residence, Abuja on March 29 to travel to Lagos to sit for an examination which was expected to start on March 31 and last for a week and then start some work on my functions in my office like going to offices to introduce the organisation and delivering our letters of introduction.

The funny thing about the exam I was going to write was that I did not have the materials I needed to study for the exam. So on getting to Lagos, the first thing I did was to go to the school where the courses are taught to pick up my materials. I was on my way going when someone accosted me and asked if I knew the exams had been postponed till the next week? I was............ lost for words........, I didn't know what to say, I just muttered I think some curses to the school under my breadth for doing such a thing and without any notice to the students which was a sign of No Respect at all!!

I don't know if this happens to all people that commit themselves to being students just in order to acquire some more knowledge than the basics you get from a first degree. I commit my self to knowledge and I am being made vulnerable to all administration of the institution and even to some riff-raffs that take too much pride and flex too many muscles just because they are (un)fortunate to be employees of the institution.

Anyways, I have had to read, and read and read and sleep only a little and even then with my head spinning around what I have read and that gave me NO time to post anything on this blog. If I had wanted to, I needed to go to a cybercafe which is a 5mins walk away from my house, that meant 10mins of walking and one hour of browsing totalling one hour 10mins of reading time which I could not afford to spare.

Well, I will still keep to my promise of not abandoning this blog.

Dear blog, I stick with you!!!!