Tuesday, May 22, 2007

From Temitope, the Daughter of ..........

Femi Fani-Kayode has done a great job of raising some :)dadriotic girls.

The email from Tobilola was not enough, she had to summon more powers from additional sources and so she called in Temitope into the discussion.......

I'd like to introduce myself- My name is ... I am Tobiloba's older sister and Femi Fani-Kayode's second daughter, I am 17 years old and I love politics (challenging games intrigue and even more so motivate me) i would have sent you a personal email, but i do not wish to disclose my email address to the mass, but like I said i love a challenge or two and this to me is my challenge of the day. I am here on behalf of the rest of my sisters and ofcourse my HONOURABLE father to challenge you, to be honest I dont care about your opinion, because you can never dream, let alone ever know the good man God has BLESSED Nigeria with, only because your cold heart and blind optimism from the everlasting stigma of 'rich polticians' or 'public servants' as you put it, having the worst interest in our nation refuses you to.
You say Nigeria is what you would refer to as the greatest country in the world and further sycophantically go on to how patriotic you are, yet you have the time to leave 'blogs' (yes, the word being as trivial as the meaning) about how you 'detest' femi, you agree to fellow 'bloggers' about how he is a rapist, wife beater and more other derogatory terms and then use the same mouth to say it is nothing personal. You are a sheer liar. I think we need to look deeper into this and you need to say what exactly is 'scratching your yansh' is it that you're circumstance is not very fortunate? GO TO CHURCH/ A MOSQUE/ A BABALAWO, what ever suits you best and ask for a miracle, or is it really that you feel the generic nature of 'some public servants' my father being one ofcourse, have not done the nation proud by dancing or singing solo to the tune of our 'embarassing nation' , well there is a contradiction. You claim you are so patriotic, well why then do you see 'the greatest nation in the world' as 'embarassing' and if you are so patriotic why do u leave blogs complaining? why don't you go out and feed the billions of starving children and try to clean up the mess of the country or better yet try and get a job as a public servant and be the 'immaculate' one and the 'saviour' and then SING,SING, DANCE AND DANCE against your fellow government followed by your magic powers to make that difference. Your presenation of your argument I am afraid is very insubstantial, there is no way you as such a 'patriotic' figure, can criticise a man trying to give as much support as he can to his own president, when people like you who aren't even genuinly interested in the people(lets be honest) and just their greedy wants, are ALWAYS complaining. If our people like you can not support the leader who will? You pointed out quite rightly that it is a democracy, you were given the power then to vote i pressume? or was that stripped off you to? YOU ALL voted these leaders into their position, yet you complain..hmm?a tad bit ridiculous dont you think?
My father does his job, both as a minister and as a father. He is a good man undoubtedly in the eyes of God so who really gives a shit about what he is in the eyes of man. He works his socks off, towards the betterment of our nation. Nigeria has come a long way from the years of dreams and silver lined clouds and as his daughters who can see him both publicly and privately can tell you that he has recognised this and he is doing his very best to make things better, it is a slow progress but better slow than non existant ey? I watch him in meetings and on our dining table talking about his high hopes for the nation, persuading and (almost enforcing) that all his girls come back to our MOTHERLAND after school here abroad to continue to make a difference in this GROWING nation, that alone if you asked me is enough to proove the love he has for our country because trust me, I know a lot of leaders of our nation who's children go to school both in England and the states and have no intentions of coming back home because like you, they feel our nation is somewhat 'EMBARASSING' , shameful if you asked me. You say u feel Nigeria is the greatest nation in the world, well I think not, I think it has sunk so low from previous depressions and terribly corrupted years such as that of Abacha's regime, but is gradually getting back on its feet, what it has however, is the BIGGEST POTENTIAL to be the greatest nation and people like my father I am proud to say are working towards that because they have the POWER to..so chidinma or tochucool however u like to be called, you can eat your heart out! he does his very best and I more than u that has been fortunate enough to see him at both work and rest can tell you that he is the most patriotic man I know, he loves his president because he knows how his president tries and even more obviously his president is the most symbolic representation of the country, he loves his nation because he can see its potential, he loves you because you make him stronger.

I do not need to even utter a word to dear Temitope because she has nailed the right spots. Daddy's girl does not live in Nigeria and is certainly not studying in Nigeria, litle wonder she sounds like she speaks the Queen's English and has not being taught that politically, it is not best for you to take an unpopular position on issues you have not witnessed firsthand and certainly not among people that hold their views based on personal experiences and not the television.

Kindly tell your remaining sisters I will like to meet with ...sorry.. read from (since I live, work and wake up everyday in Nigeria) them......


Refinedone said...

...this is so interesting :)
sad, but interesting...

No comment to Temitope.

Tayo said...

Now this is getting really interesting. I'm really impressed at the structure and use of words in that mail. Temitope is obviously a brilliant and well-read girl.
@ Temitope, if you're reading this, please refrain from sending these mails, they'll only cause you and your dad more embarrassment. Continue to respect your Dad as a father and don't get involved in his political views. Trust me, you don't want to.
@ Titi, abeg spare these children and don't post their mails again. They'll regret it when they are older. Pls don't let the sins of the father be visited on the children ... lol.

Refinedone said...

Lol!@ Tayo.

My Thots said...

Hi Tayo,

It's very clear that these diaspora girls dont exactly understand wassup and according to refinedone, all their talk leaves you speechless.

As Tayo said.. for their own sakes maybe I might stop posting their email...

Thanks for still visiting my blog after a long time away. I will spill the beans of my.... soon. do i know you in person?

The Pseudo-Independent said...

hi there
ill be back

Beauty said...

Thank you for sharing your hot emails, history in the making when "the dad" finally contributes to My Thots.

You have shown the "girls" that the Web enables total transparency and people with access to relevant information are beginning to challenge any type of authority.

Femi Fani-Kayode and co became tyrants and created barriers that hindered rather than helped our nation. They created walls that no one can scale or penetrate or even peer over.

Titilayo, more of the same, please.

Tayo said...

Titi, spill it quick o! To your question, Directly - no, indirectly - yes! Someone came from SA to Abj to play a very important role during the event ... I think she can give you answers :)

Kpakpando said...

Temitope is doing what any good child would do, defend her father... but just because he's a good daddy and pays your school fees and buys you birthday cake and the like doesn't mean he's a good public servant.

Anonymous said...

This is in reply to what you replied to my sister Temitope. My name is Folake Fani-Kayode:

“…politically, it is not best for you to take an unpopular position on issues you have not witnessed firsthand…”

Politically? Where did u learn that? I doubt Agricultural science has anything to do with political science. In reality, my darling, actual politics (not the two-by-four one you think you know) has very little to do with firsthand experience. What baffles me the most is the fact that you are actually convinced that your ridiculous little blogspot is actually about politics!
Even if it were so, exactly what “personal experience” do you have that arose as a result of my father’s position (bearing in mind that he is the minister of state (air transport) and not of domestic affairs?

“Well, this makes it very obvious that you are yet to witness what it is like to seat in a lecture hall that seats 100 but filled with over 700 students waiting to receive lectures fom a frustrated lowly paid professor. I also doubt if you have had to carry a bag containing your certificates, results and C.V walking the streets of Lagos in search of job which most Nigerian graduates have done averagely for two years.”

Now I don’t know how to say this kindly, but please get over yourself; You complaining about having to “carry a VERY HEAVY bag containing your C.V and certificates, to my 15 year old sister, is extremely pathetic and irrelevant to the point that she was trying to make to you. Furthermore, I really still haven’t been able to understand what this has got to do with the ministry of aviation. (the last I checked, Air Transport wasn’t under the same department as Education, or whatever ministry it is that you seem to be having issues with).

Thirdly, I think you are a bit confused, it seems that you are the one who “holds their views based on television”, and not my sister. Why would she? She doesn’t need to see her own father on televison. Please don’t be misled by the media, it might actually be worth your while (i.e.if you are that interested in my father)to look into what he has achieved as a minister for the ministry in which he was appointed, and not his personal life, because believe it or not, it’s none of your business.

"You may wonder why I go ahead reiterating all these bad news about Nigeria, the simple reason is because your dad, Chief, Honourable Minister, Ex Presidential Adviser denies all these facts. Dear, I don’t doubt the fact that your dad is a good man at least to you, the children of General Sani Abacha are saying the same of their dad. Since you say your dad is a good man, I believe you are very close to him and you play on his laps, kindly help us drop this words with daddy… NIGERIANS ARE SUFFERING AND IT IS REAL!!!"

So, what you are saying in effect, is that because my father decided to put across an optimistic message to the people (undoubtedly to boost the morale of a country that had been put through years of misrule, and inspire a feeling of patriotism and hope in the present and future generation) even if conditions aren’t changing at an exponential rate, he should be considered a horrible human being(and compared, yet again to my 15 year old sister, the the likes of General Sani Abacha?)

I would love to see what you would be able to achieve in little under a year (in any country within Africa) as a Minister.

And I hate to burst your bubble, but my father has absolutely no time for your blog and your feelings (presumably the fact that you are actually just in awe of him, and don’t actually detest him-it’s a defense mechanism in psychology-Reaction Formation-look it up), but we do!   

Lastly, to Tayo, do you even know what my father's political views are?

My Thots said...

Hi Folake, Temitope and Tobilola

I will like to give you guys a simple assignment...

Visit Nigeria and spend one week with a family that earns a maximum monthly income of N50,000 ($393.00) living in any of these areas of Lagos State: Agege, Ajegunle or Makoko.

Then...you can write anything at all that you like to me and/or other contributors to this blog.


Anonymous said...

Folake, Temitope and Tobilola

You guys have been the center of attraction on this blog because u guys caused it.

reading between the lines of your defence of your father (a public office holder) shows your level of ignorance, no beef. get enlightened b4 u defend a public office holder who's not Ribadu, Ewesili, El Rufai, Soludo, Abike dabiri,Chem, and their likes

Anonymous said...

please tell us a little about your uncle Atkins and read this about your FOOLISH, STUPID COLD BLOODED GOD FORSAKEN FATHER OF A DEVIL


Anonymous said...

Femi Fani-Kayode's problem is he lacks the capacity to understand issues beyond mouthing worn out street clichés hence his incoherence and inconsistency of thought.

That is the danger of shallow minds taking on responsibilities beyond their capacity.

What exactly are his credentials? I heard one of his daughters question us the "public" about his political views. Funny He doesn't have one. Most Nigerians politician's have no political views, that is why they change parties at will. They go with the money. The likes of Femi, Bode George, Ahmadu Ali, Adedibu just name a few are sycophants that are in politics for self interest and these sort of people are lazy in thoughts. My dearest Tope, can you explain to use what your dad's position was on the 3rd term? My belief is the 3rd term in itself is not ONLY constitutionally wrong but morally wrong. But we all know why the sort of shallow minded individual's such as father wanted him to stay, we have seen it on AIT during the public hearing, Simply to loot the country dry. I wouldn't blame you for anything, as you didn't choose your "wonderful" father. But in future made your argument's fact based stay away from the sort of street cliches your dad made a career out of.


Anonymous said...


Is your mum yemisi? cos if she is then go ask her about the public,humiliating and thorough beatings your dad gave her before and am sure after he married her. It's a FACT, not an allegation. Of course your father was high most of the time so am a little confused about this man you describe through a rosy glass. YOU WILL DO WLL TO KEEP OUT OF PUBLIC FORUMS SUCH AS THIS BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU MIGHT RUN INTO!!! Do feel free to respond and if you can get your email to me I will supply you with verifiable information about your dad.we will of course not discuss his mistress's latest shannanigans with money laundering. So girl if I were you I wouldn't blog on this kind of forum, I would zip it up and throw away the key......as for the rest of you guys, do forgive the girl cos she know not the facts.

Anonymous said...

Wow Folake, while your dad invested well in your education, it did nothing for you in the common sense dept! I say this merely to point out to you that if common sense had prevailed you would not have responded in the manner you chose to. When your father chose to lead a public life, the people had the right to scrutinize, criticize or praise him. The fact that he has received less of the latter is not the people's fault but rather a testament to his poor performance review. You claim on the one hand that he doesn't have time for this blog then neither should you since the contradiction defeats the point you are attempting to make. I happen to know both your parents individually before they got married and your father is far from been perfect. His climb to political power which by the way you need to get over (with your numerous mentions of his ministerial posts and sarcastic remark sans domestic affairs) is not pristine and the truth is that your dad has not been a good politician even. He is arrogant, sometimes abrasive and acts like a compound fool(by that I mean "he does not know that he does not know)All of which has made him less than endearing. Let's not forget how he got the positon in the first place, personal relationships between his father and obj. He was not exactly in line with qualified candidates so that's hardly fair. I look forward to a Nigeria that gives positions based upon qualifications not on whom you know. I come from an affluent,old money family and am sure you know my well respected father since he made his money the old fashioned way- earned it! I have led a priviledged life but I GET IT! Nigerians are suffering in a way that embarrasses me and I am contantly committed to giving back since afterall to whom much is given , much is expected. so you should focus on how to give back some of your father's ill gotten gain back to the average Nigerian rather than been given to defending, belittling or becoming belligerent in your response. Trust me the way that you know your dad is a separate entity from how he is known by others. You never really know who has the goods on you so my unsolicitated advice is STAY AWAY FROM PUBLIC FORUMS!!

Anonymous said...

can someone please tell me exactly how many wives femi fani-kayode has and how many children?? am confused cos i hear regina the ghana wife and yemisi the yoruba one so pls which is which???

Anonymous said...


"Visit Nigeria and spend one week with a family that earns a maximum monthly income of N50,000 ($393.00) living in any of these areas of Lagos State: Agege, Ajegunle or Makoko."


even if u want to behead the man, do it in respect of his wrongdoings that ACTUALLY affect u!! so if u haven been in a plane crash recently, i suggest u shut and go and waste ur time elsewhere!!

this is exaclty y nigeria is the way it is, u have no insight on anything!!!!


Mr. said...

Why is everyone revering the English on here?

oyinkan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeffrey 'TheSeeker' Henry said...

Wow! Comments above are draining. You don't have to blame these kids neither do you have to the man at the center of this. See, people's life and achievements are a little private. You only know what's put out there in public. We're all humans and sometimes it helps if we see issues from an instance where we don't have to think that someone in a position is an infallible angel. We don't know for sure what he's tried to do for the Nigerian populace. I'll not discredit his daughters praise for him because they know him much better than anyone else. . .and can point out reasons they know he's a good man (at least in one of the contexts they tried to put out here-telling them how much he's willing to give Nigeria, and how much he wants his daughters to). Governance is systematic. You can't hold a radical view where a lot are so conservative, you've always got to slow down on your beliefs and often than never, play along so you can be at an advantaged position to do what's better. I, personally, happen to know him in person and have been in close touch with him. This man did quite a lot during obj's regime (that records proved), and even so after that, he made tremendous efforts to have Jonathan Goodluck installed as Ag. President. He never supported the choice of Yaradua as president, but like I said earlier, you don't hold a radical view where you don't have quite a lot of support. It's commending to know that he left 7.2 million in the Aviation Ministry of the 11 billion he was provided with (also there's a record of that). I won't deny he's very outspoken which I find useful just as long as he doesn't tow off the line. He's not arrogant, contrary to what people think of course. He's very kind and helpful and doesn't give a hook how humble your backgrounds are. It's important to note however, that we can't judge what we know so little about. I used to blame every public officer; but, believe me, when you get closer, it's not what we always think it to be. I still know very personally, a few people who hold grudges against him because of his effort at thwarting a corruption-proned project. I'm not saying we don't have an entitlement to our opinions, but it's pertinent that we'd be objective about them. I know we're not happy with the way things have been going in the country. Trust me, you can't blame it all on one person.

DAGWOM PAM said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this blog is now outdated but I kind of just stumbled on it. My only comment will be "This is such an immature blog". I can't believe the 'seriously interested in Nigeria' blogger would throw such a cheap blow. Kudos to those who commented in a mature manner though.

Anonymous said...

I am really appalled after reading all this. I recently became friends with FFK on FB. I feel very sorry for him. I live in America and I am truely ashamed to be called a Nigeria. Even here in the States where there is freedom of speech, adults will not focus on ganging up on young girls. Jesus asked us not to judge so we may not be judged. To FFK's daughters, I would please plead with you not to bother writing to immature bitter adults. It only results to disrespect. I am so sorry that you have to read this. ONCE AGAIN SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

Anonymous said...

Once more, I say, shame on you despecable adults for being so rude!

Anonymous said...

We don't need to strident towards the girl. First and foremost, she is talking about her dad. I guess she isn't a bastard so she will support her dad. I will do the same. Secondly, we seem to forget that she is Nigerian too. she has her freedom of opinion and she can express it anytime.

Back to the focal point, FFK is trying i will say. What a lot of us don't know is what goes on in the background. I studied abroad too but that doesn't mean i am a novice to Nigerian politics. Trust me, that will be a grave mistake. Nonetheless, these guys are trying but in time, things will take shape for good. I earnestly wait for that day to come. Keep praying guys. There is a lot that most people don't know.

Anonymous said...

I am the one who posted an earlier comment about becoming FFKs friend on FB. This is a very dangerous man, I have since gotten to know him well. He lures innocent women and carries on affairs on FB. He then delists them and insults them. He recently sent his live-in mistress one Zino Agbaza to England and used Nigeria's money. I am a good friend to one of the sweetest ladies who he pubicly humiliated.

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