Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hot in Lagos

I just landed in Lagos some few minutes ago and I know I say Abuja is hot measuring upto 45 degrees some afternoons but, coming out of the cool aired airport, my feeling organ just confirmed to me......Lagos is HOT!!!

And upon the heat.., I saw some women who clean the streets with council uniforms begging for alms........

Must be really very hot for the women..

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So long......Dear Blog

Dear Blog….

Today is the 6th of March, 2007
Looking at our last date it was..January 22
And that means, for over five weeks
I havn’t expressed myself on you

I wonder, if I wasn’t going to be doing what you expect of me
Why did I birth you
Why did I open up for you to come forth
If I was just going to ignore you
And sometimes go for days on end
And return only to copy and paste the expressions of another

I am sorry I went away without mentioning
Gone for days and not looking back
Not knowing what u feel about being left alone
Left, unattended and unspoken for
You opened yourself up and allowed me pour my heart out
On the days I was down and at the times when I had my highs

I remember the episode of my virgin passport
Being deflowered by a visa refusal stamp at the Netherlands embassy
I remember you opening yourself to me as I poured my heart out on Nigeria
And memories of me running to you to when I got back from Nairobi keep rushing in

I ask myself then, why didn’t I talk to you about Amsterdam
Why didn’t I refrain from mentioning the new visa episode
That The Royal Netherlands embassy granted me visa within three days
Why did I keep mum about passing through the Schipol airport
Lodging at the Golden Tulip, taking pictures at the Dam square
And walking through some of the location spots of Ocean’s Twelve

Just thinking......
Can this be because I wanted to leave out the gist about....
My visit to the Red Light District (Lord, Have Great Mercy!!!)
And taking a cup of coffee in a coffee shop

However, no matter the reason
No excuse I state will be enough
To explain away my neglect

Dear blog, I sincerely apologise in the presence of all the witnesses
That have been consistent in visiting us and reading the posts
And promise.....it shouldn’t happen again ……….:)