Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Countdown to Elections

I went with my fiancé to his office on Saturday and a jobless and I believe bored Security supervisor came into the office and from the time he came in till the time he left, he said nothing but pessimistic gist on how the present government has no intention of handing over power and their secret plans to rig the elections.

Despite the fact that all his 20mins rambling received little or no attention from my fiancé and certainly ZERO attention from me, he just went on and on about his gist claiming he has inside Abuja sources.

For me, I remain unshaken in my Pro-positive Nigeria stand.

Our elections will hold and will peaceful!

And come May 29, 2007, we will have the first civilian to civilian presidential handing over occasion in Nigeria!!!

I shall be there at the Eagle Square, Abuja either in person if allowed and if not attend by proxy through the television :)

And so, from today, we begin our countdown to the election days…

4 DAYS TO APRIL 14, 2007 - Governorship/State House of Assembly Election

11 DAYS TO APRIL 21, 2007 – Presidential/National Assembly Elections


ayo said...

What a nice one u have there.Glad to know there are still people positive about the Nigerian project.I bet we'll witness the transition together in peace!

Tayo said...

Yes oh! I'm really feeling those statements. Nigeria is about to undergo a change for the better, and I believe that with all my heart. Let the pessimists continue with their pessimism, our faith remains strong ... and we shall win.

Anonymous said...

hi, i think it's good to be a patriotic nigerian sometimes, but with these violence and rigging do u think nigeria's politicians are democratic? bye the way, r u Sile's sister.


My Thots said...

Hi yemi,

There is no democracy without conflict and i really believe a purging process is on its way to Nigerian democracy.

And yes.., i am sile's sista.