Friday, March 17, 2006

Another Start

I had actually created my first blog earlier in the year, but only posted once in it. I tried to continue from where I had paused today but just can't seem to make any headway so, I decided to start all over again. And now, I have a new blog which I seriously intend to maintain and update regularly with all the tingerings and lingerings that go on in my mind about everything ranging from emotional thots to religious thots to political thots and even money thots.

I intend to have a lovely time writing my posts in this blog as I expect you'd have a lovely time reading them as well.

This is another blog start for me and it will be my best till I have a new one when I join the United Nations (working with the UN is actually my dream job) and then I will blog about working with the UN.

Till then sha, let's maintain this one while I keep up with my dreams.


Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

congratulations!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I also dream about working for the UN, too! But mine is not just a dream these days...;-)

Tola Olujuwon said...

Dear Titilayo,
Good day.This is wonderful blog.You wrote on education sometimes ago, can you please remind m eof the title?