Friday, May 09, 2014

Calling for Public Hearing

As time ticks & the clock winds down for the seventh session of Nigeria’s National Assembly, the country faces a critical moment. Once more, Nigeria is on the brink of passing the National Tobacco Control Bill: a ground-breaking measure that could save the lives of millions of Nigerian youth over the coming decades from tobacco-related disease and death.

While applauding the Lagos state house of Assembly for the passage of Tobacco Control bill, banning smoking in public places in the state, we are therefore soliciting the same speedy feat to be repeated at the federal level where the National TC Bill is yet to be given the requisite attention and pride of place. It is time for the lawmakers at the national level to prioritize the health and wellness of the citizens by speeding up work on the bill to make it a law

The solution is clear. If passed, Nigeria’s National Tobacco Control Bill would protect millions of Nigerian youth from this devastating fate. Its provisions contain proven measures that will bring Nigeria in line with many of its international obligations under the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, also known as the global tobacco treaty, which has the potential to save 200 million lives when fully implemented.
Two key elements of the proposed Tobacco Control Bill affects supply & demand as an increase in the price of tobacco packs will make it difficult for the underaged to purchase it while making public places NO-SMOKING zones will make people reduce number of sticks they smoke since they can’t smoke everywhere.

We call for an urgent public hearing on this issue to debate the matter at both the upper & lower chambers of the National to promote the safety and health of our citizens. To join us in making this strong appeal for the National Assembly to pass this bill, add your voice by visiting our facebook page, like our post, drop your comments and share widely with others. Let’s help make Nigeria a SMOKE-FREE zone TODAY!

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