Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do the needful

I hope no one gets to mix this up with a certain story that ruled the airwaves for weeks sometime October 2013. As a country, Nigerians are one of the most 'aware' people with much debate on various issues of interest going on from places like the National Assembly to that viewing center just around your neighborhood.

Infact, some people insist that we talk too much and do little thereafter. Such persons usually have a list they reel off to back their perspective that the average Nigerian citizen loves to talk but is reluctant to act upon his/her opinions rather content with just talking.

I do not know about you but I disagree with these viewpoint as it seems more a case of people not been sure how they can constructively act upon their beliefs on social matters. This is not the case though with the ongoing Tobacco Control Project using Social Media that seeks to give citizens the platform to add their voice and influence what laws are made in Nigeria for the benefit of everyone.

As a policy change and public health campaign project, the objective is use Social Media that a lot of Nigerians are active on to advance tobacco control and support the passage of a comprehensive domestic Tobacco Control (TC) law compliant with the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), to which Nigeria is a signatory.

Officially launched in August 2013, the project on November 1, 2013 published a petition online  (though its also available offline) seeking to aggregate signatures from Nigerians attesting to the need for a Tobacco Control Bill to be passed in Nigeria NOW!

So far, over three thousand (3000+) persons have appended their signatures both online & offline and we would like to celebrate everyone who has participated till date. However, it is important to note that signature collection continues until November 30, 2013 so we have got just over seventy-two (72) hours to get YOU and YOUR CONTACTS to do the needful!

Therefore, we are calling on Nigerians both home & abroad who have signed and others yet to append their signatures to;

1) Sign the petition here ( and/or share your signature status on social media i.e. facebook & twitter.
2) Encourage friends, family & colleagues to add their voice to the Tobacco Control cause by signing the petition
3) Visit, like and/or follow us via our various social media platforms  (please see end of this post) while sharing our content with others.

Lets do the needful for a smoke-free Nigeria to emerge!

We are on:
- Twitter: @TobaccoCtrl
- Facebook: Visit and like Tobaccoctrl
- Google Plus: add Tobaccoctrl to your circle
- 2go: add Tobaccoctrl

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