Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Your active participation in a A Smoke-Free Nigeria

There are currently no national restrictions on the advertising and promotion of tobacco use in Nigeria yet it is proven that advertising increases tobacco consumption globally. Young people are particularly vulnerable to it and are regarded as the main target of brand stretching via these promotions and advertisements. Evidence shows that comprehensive advertising bans lead to reductions in the numbers of people starting (i.e. new smokers) and continuing smoking.

Statistics show that banning tobacco advertising and sponsorship is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce tobacco demand and thus a tobacco control “best buy”. However, most countries including Nigeria lack comprehensive laws governing the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Despite the effectiveness of comprehensive tobacco control laws, only 6% of the world’s population was fully protected from exposure to the tobacco industry advertising, promotion and sponsorship tactics in 2010 (WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic, 2011). If we do not change the way tobacco companies operate in Nigeria, it will be difficult to make the necessary progress towards battling the harmful effects of tobacco products to Nigerians.

Now, as a nation, Nigeria faces a wide range of issues that need attention central of which is the health of her citizens as the saying goes 'Health is wealth.' The sheer number of citizens' death that is preventable presents a challenge for which solution is within our grasp. Tobacco & its products is the leading cause of preventable deaths globally.

Having outlined our position since the beginning of October by calling on the Hon. Minister of Health to lead the way by submitting the draft bill on Tobacco Control in Nigeria to FEC, we will be matching action with words and urge YOU to join us in this cause.

In Nov 2013, a petition addressed to Hon. Minister of Health will be made public for Nigerian to append their signatures to. This petition will be published online and we along with other partners involved in the 'Social Media Campaign on Tobacco Control Project' will be massively canvassing for Nigerians at home & abroad to add their voice to this cause by signing the petition and sharing their actions with others as well.

It is critical that on this issue of national importance, we match action with words as citizens who are ready to facilitate change in the country. We know there is no magic wand to solve every single challenge we face but step by step, action by action, together, we can make a difference by becoming part of the change we want to see

Discussions are important to clarifying any issue and itemizing a road map but the change process has other loops apart from talk. This is where actions are taken to facilitate the actualization of set goal of a smoke-free Nigeria. Your participation in this must be active contributing in talks but also partaking in followup actions as citizens with a stake in the well-being of our country. JOIN US!!!

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