Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Beautiful Ones Have Been Born


On my way to the market on the other side of town, I contemplated how best to give out the pile of clothes I had in the house to kids living around there without embarrassing them, their parents or myself. At the end of my internal deliberations, I decided to drop the idea because I did not want to put myself in an uncomfortable position.

After so much price haggling and exchanging cash for products, I completed what I wanted to do at the market and was heading back home when I was stopped by a young lady who asked if I would like to make a donation to an orphanage. Looking at the signature sheet in her hand, I could see that she already had two donors, N500 from the first and N50 from the second. I was ready to let go of the last N50 on me which would mean not being able to board a Keke/Marwa (tricycle) when I heard her say they also collect materials such as clothes. I immediately answered that I had children’s clothes I wanted to give out and asked for the donation process. She said she could follow me home to get them and I replied that I was okay with it.

She then beckoned on her partner and we started the approximately 400m walk to my house.. On the way, they both helped carry my shopping bags and I tried to engage them to find out more about what they were doing.
Rebecca Obadiah, 21 and Florence Omowunmi, 22 told me they just completed their Secondary school education and their church leader, Pastor Most Senior Apostle Prophet M.O. Abraham mobilized about forty of them to help raise funds and receive collections on behalf of an orphanage close to their church in Ushafa, Abuja.

This Pastor grouped the youths in twos and allocated them to different parts of the Abuja metropolis wearing the T-shirts bearing the name of the church, C&S Movement, Ushafa, Abuja and holding signature sheet for donors and a copy of the orphanage’s registration certificate.

Glorious Future for the Less Privileged Children Foundation is owned by Pastor Chinyere Eberechukuwu, Mr. Ikechukwu Mbakwe and Mrs. Uzoamaka Anigala and I don’t think they are members of the C&S Movement. This synergy of a C&S Pastor, forty Secondary School graduates awaiting University admission and four owners of an orphanage tells me the beautiful ones have been born and we only await their showing.


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