Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This Woman, {not Udeme} is a Great Woman

She is the pride of her parents, the envy of her friends
She walks with her head tilted upwards with a well deserved pride
Her gait is evidence of her aristocratic status
When she opens her mouth, she speaks with much authority
And polishes her authority with the oil of humility
She is a source of joy to everyone around her

When she is dressed in her sparkling white nurse uniform
With matching white cap, white shoes and with a pen tucked in her breast pocket
She transforms to a God-sent angel and assumes different forms
Some families see her as a savior
Stepping in to ensure their loved ones remain on earth with them
To many doctors, nurses and para-medicals, she is mother
Rocking, nurturing, chastising and instructing

She never lays any complaint about her work conditions
According to her, every moment she is at her job
That is her breathing. That is her life
This makes every second counts
And every act, a conscientious and deliberate one

She leaves each duty be it morning or night in high spirits
Illuminating her face with beaming smiles
She returns home to gather her children round her
Relaying the day’s achievement with great thrill

She goes to bed fulfilled to awaken the next day
Burning with passion for her calling.

Hmm... all of the above is a description of who and what my mum, Esther Olaiya Obisesan would have been if her father had allowed her to go to school. She begged, cried and strove so that her father would send her to school but he maintained, 'school is for only for boys, the girls will remain on the farm'.

She wanted so badly to be a nurse. However, when she had the opportunity to start the journey to her dream after working as a housegirl, she gave it up for her younger sister. She sponsored her younger sister through school until she became the NURSE she always wanted to be.

Very sad part of the story: We lost the Nurse my mum never was, she died on March 26, 1999 leaving two kids and a husband behind.


My Thots said...

My Mom is best'est' mum in the world :)

Anonymous said...

she is a rare gem, the best mum in the world,she is very sweet

Anonymous said...

she is the only good thing that can happen to anyone, iya ni wura

Anonymous said...

she is great indeed, ilove her


PELE OH, MY CONDOLENCES. She is a better place though. I hope you are well!

My Thots said...

Thanks Solomon, we are still in the recovery stage from our aunt's death (my mom's younger sister -the Nurse) though we lost over seven years ago. .....I guess it's cos our mother's dream died with her.

jetbaby said...

lets just thank God with the way things turned out coz your mum is just too much, she is a MOTHER and i'm sure she is very happy now coz of you guys...

kemi adebayo said...

i really feel for you,it a great loss but GOD is the best comforter i ve ever seen..God comfort you,your mum an all the entire family...i love all your blog pages see u on cnn soon...

kemi adebayo