Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Quest for Fame II

My friend finally got a regular job and could not go on attending all those auditions anymore. However, one day, she heard a radio announcement calling on an audition for anyone interested in featuring in Super Story, a weekly primetime television family drama. This was when the production just started.

My ears were stretched when she told me because I remembered Super story very well. As kids, my mum ensured my younger sister and I got a monthly dose of super story when it was still a photo-story publication and even when we moved to the boarding house, she always brought past editions for us to read on visiting days.

I told my younger sister about it and she joined me in my Nollywood sojourn. I was auditioned by Antar Laniyan and had to read lines from a Nigerian poetry kinda book. I read the lines, was asked a few questions, answered them to the best of knowledge and I was out of the auditioning room in 5minutes.

My sister and I went back the next week for casting. She went in first and she got a role as an extra in Papa Ajasco & Company and was told to come back on a specific date for shooting. When it was my turn, they said they had exhausted all the extra roles for Papa Ajasco, so they put my name and picture on a waiting list for Super Story.

My sister finally featured in Papa Ajasco, Super Story, went on to audition for a role on Tajudeen Adepetu’s everyday people and today she is the Brand Manager of SoundCity.

My other friend, she got a lead role in a stage play, Child International. She acted alongside Boy Alinco and Gloria Young[big eyeballs], went on to work for mobile phone content provider, relocated to another African country and now travels around the world doing all the United Nations thingie.

And me…….

To be continued….


jetbaby said...

eeh yah! pele, maybe nollywood was not meant for you after all or are u still nursing the idea?:-)

My Thots said...

jetbaby, you will know about my continued nollywood sojourn in the next part.

where u dey sef????

pam said...

Hi Titi,

Its pamela braide (remember me?) Great to see your blog... will take time out to read your archives... slowly

take care and great blog