Thursday, August 02, 2007


Early last year, I attempted a career change from Management Consulting to Social Development. Some days after I resumed at my new NGO job, I got a form from the accountant at the close of the day.

From the form, I was expected to write down a list of all the activities I had done for the day. On sighting the form, ol’ witty me could not help but blog about it.

By the time I finished filling the form, I had two versions of it….one for my boss and one for my blog. I was the proper staff on the form for my blog and I was xxx on the form for my blog.

The activities I listed on the form for my blog included:

o Blogged
o Updated my blogroll to include Bella Naija and Adaure’s blogs
o Downloaded Dare Art Alade’s Fuji courtesy of Bella Naija

I titled the blogpost: My Boss Must Not See This.

The post generated the highest number of comments on my blog. Some were on my side notably among whom was Nigeria, what’s new and others were against the post. I particularly remember Seun Osewa of Nairaland stating that if I don’t want my boss to see it, then I should not have put it on the internet because one day, he would see it and I would be in trouble. I promised Seun that I would finally delete the post but in the mean time, he should allow me enjoy it while it lasted.

There was also a comment from one Olusare Adegbagi: his comment was quite sarcastic. He wrote something like “den den …now your boss will catch you”. I replied him by saying my boss was a charming, admirable and other nice words kinda person. I was just enjoying myself believing all this was completely oblivious to my boss.

However, one day when I had one of those emotionally down moody thingie, I heeded Seun’s advice and deleted the post.

Last week, we sent off my very good friend and colleague to join her husband in the UK and the boss decided to take us all out to a bar. While we were seated, he asked me when last I updated my blog, I answered yesterday. He now started jeering at me in his sometimes jocular nature saying that I just write away and that my blog was boring. I was cooking up my reply to that when he asked me if I knew any Olusare Adegbagi. The name sounded familiar. Of course Olusare…. that is the name of the person that drops sarcastic comments on my blog.

He asked me if I knew what the name meant. If you went to high school in the South-Wet part of Nigeria, I don’t know if you are familiar with the name everyone says he will mention when accosted by masters after sensing trouble. Most Yoruba folks say Olu-sare: Olu is a common name prefix in Yoruba and Sare means to run.
Ade-Gbagi: Ade is also a common name prefix and Gbagi means to flee.

Olusare Adegbagi is a popular fake name that almost everyone that attended high school in the South-West part of Nigeria (not the American schools o) is familiar with. And a whole me that pride myself as SSS* gawked for that completely. To say the gospel truth, I had even related the name to some royal prince of Ondo town.

Now to drop the bombshell, Olusare Adegbagi was my boss. My boss was Olusare Adegbagi. He had been disguising as Olusare Adegbagi on my blog since March, 2006 and kept it to himself, not sharing it with anyone in the office till Friday, July 27, 2007.

I have been busted, someone better than me has beaten me at my own game. I thought I was SSS, my boss must have received training from the fierce KGB and Mossad.

*: (SSS stands for State Security Service, the Nigerian Intelligence Agency)


Mark said...

Hi Titilayo

Did you know your blog was featured in today's (UK) Independent national newspaper?

The article in question was about how blogosphere voices are a very positive and powerful force for change in Africa.

And quote was taken from your entry about the rape of the Niger Delta, with a link to your blog, among others.

Well done !

Best wishes,

ayo_adebamowo said...

that write up was a classic.I couldn't but keep laughing.Made my day!

Omodudu said...


My Thots said...

Thanks Mark,

My friend informed me about the quote from my blog. I feel very elated about it.

Now my name has entered oyibo newspaper.

*Oyibo means whiteman in Yoruba.

rethots said...


Beauty said...

Olusare Adegbagi is the inspiration for some of us. Where others see surfing and blogging, we see researching and refining thots. Now you know why I requested permission, you are OUR star. Pls stay true to your thots and mainstream media will wake up to the truth. Thanks again for sharing your thots.

Olusare Adegbagi!!! said...


Anonymous said...

lol, oh my goodness!!!! havent checked ur blog since u "went to the moon" i can see ur posts havnt deeped in quality at all,the laff i got from this made my day (considering i logged in at bout 11:35pm)gosh titi how cud u???well if to say u be omo ibo u for don soji,lol.keep making my day,hola Oga

Anonymous said...
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My Thots said...

Tochucool..maybe i will come as an omo Ibo in the next world and i will make sure i get my training from Mossad and not be a half-baked SSS.

chikwe ihekweazu said...

Hi Titi,

Great Blog you have! I am new on the blogging scene. Check out ours at
We will be grateful for any links into Naija's blogosphere and your audience. But only if you think we deserve it :)


30+ said...

LMAO, talk about caught with your pants down. Olusare lohun lohun.

ROFLMAO, this is so hilarious