Monday, May 21, 2007

From Tobilola the Daughter of ........

I received a mail from someone who had dropped a comment on my blog, sent me an email requesting to meet with me in person and eventually hosted in my house in Abuja.

hi dear titi,this is really gonna knock u off ur seat, but i'm sure the child who sent this also sent u an even worse mail considering u r author of the blog site.i really laffed over this and i'm sure her father wud get to read ur blog too, u don become famous oooo.but i understand her position,but we no dey lie now!!! even osama's kids wud love him,cheers keep the good job on.i permit and request that u pls paste this on ur blog site.

He had received the mail from Tobilola guess the daughter of ..guess who…….. Obasanjo, Ikwela, Iwu…., well it was none of these aforementioned that I have done a piece on in this blog. She is none other than Tobilola Fani-Kayode. Her email goes thus:

Hello tochuCOOL! (by the way i love how your yahoo email address ironically contradicts itself). However, moving on to my problem, being the reason i've sent this email. I typed in my father's name on google, (as i do......because....i'm cool), and I came across this!:

hi titilayo,this is really funny,cos i actually "staggered" into ur page while searching for's actually my first time on this site so forgive watever shortcomings i might seem to one blunt statement, i cant agree with u more on ur views with regards who i wud love to cal "baba's praise singer".though i dint read ur whole article, just scanned through. u seemed to have done ur home work on Mr Fani kayode.having picked interest in this very brilliant man after watching an interview he did on tv.simply put, i do not like nor trust our "honourable minister select!" and agree a 100% with ur views.u go girl! wud realy love to meet or have future correspondence with u.thanks

Now, tochucool, i just have to say that when i read this, i laughed....very....very hysterically. I notice the dry humour and sarcasm in your reply to titilayo who's probably even more bored than you are. I can't believe i'm wasting prep time typing this....oh dear i've got to finish my homework! i'll summarize...get a life. it's my advice.. you don't have to take it, but it would do you a great deal if you did. My dad is a good man. you'll see when the time comes. good luck xxx

My reply to the dear daughter of the voluble, subtly power seeking however amiable and very handsome Femi Fani Kayode.

From your email, I can sense you are still in junior secondary, sorry senior primary or the senior secondary level of the post basic education and that is if you are studying in our great country, Nigeria.

Well, this makes it very obvious that you are yet to witness what it is like to seat in a lecture hall that seats 100 but filled with over 700 students waiting to receive lectures fom a frustrated lowly paid professor. I also doubt if you have had to carry a bag containing your certificates, results and C.V walking the streets of Lagos in search of job which most Nigerian graduates have done averagely for two years.

My dear, you are an omobolanle i.e. you were born into wealth worked for by your grand or great grandfather and you would have grown up in the Ikoyi, V/I axis of Lagos, Nigeria or Houston, Texas, or London, United Kingdom and then, you can’t understand the picture of living conditions that exist in Agege, Ajegunle, Amukoko, Badia, Bariga, Ijeshatedo/Itire, Ilaje, Iwaya or Makoko, all in Lagos State. Do you know that today a low percentage of children of school age are not in school but on the streets where they are prone to all sorts of maltreatments and assault because many of them are not protected by the system that should do that, the police. They'd rather be orderlies for wealthy people like your dad. And do you why they are not in school, it is due to the lack of money.

You may wonder why I go ahead reiterating all these bad news about Nigeria, the simple reason is because your dad, Chief, Honourable Minister, Ex Presidential Adviser denies all these facts. Dear, I don’t doubt the fact that your dad is a good man at least to you, the children of General Sani Abacha are saying the same of their dad. Since you say your dad is a good man, I believe you are very close to him and you play on his laps, kindly help us drop this words with daddy… NIGERIANS ARE SUFFERING AND IT IS REAL!!!


Refinedone said...

Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing!

...what I dont understand with high profile government members and there children is.. why they need to comment about the "office" of there parents and take it personal.

I dont see Tony Blair (PM) of the UK or G.Bush (USA) or Condolisa Rice's children feeling the need to comment on opinion made about the parents...

I ask sincerly why is this? am I missing something?

vindication through innocence said...

lol!!!this is the best thing ive come across in a long time!!i could not have said it better myself if i tried!!wow!!the sarcasm- the wit- the delivery is excellent!!and that kid-well i cant really comment as my father could also be deemed as 'one of those' but i am fully aware and enlightened of the state of nigeria-you cant blame someones child for their mistakes-but when they attack you on are fully justifies!!who asked her to be so jobless as to google her popsi? and then have the balls to encroach on someones personal blogger space!!kudos men!!

Tayo said...

Finally, Titi you updated!
I really like this. I'm sure Tobilola will understand these things better when she's older and wiser ... which just goes to remind us that what we do lives and echoes long after we're gone.
Meanwhile, I've now know the reason why you've not updated in a while. I'll not let the cat out of the bag, I'll just say Congrats!

dotun said...

actually, the words of children should be taken into consideration. One problem with the country is that they feel the kids cant play a role at their age. But again tobilola frankly is jobless

Anonymous said...

before i say anything,i'll just say a heart CONGRATULOBIA!! to titi ( u know y)sorry i wasnt there. anyway i'll be a whole lot more stingy with my words this time, before some men in black come knocking on my door, titi i no know say u dey scope Mr fani oh!! well he is fine, anyway like i said in my mail,i appreciate the child's stand but that aint no excuse, good point bout tony and codolisa's kids not commenting on the issues of their folks political personality,anyway titi i;ll give a 9.9 on this post, but u know where the inspiration came from.. lol, cheers


Seun Osewa said...

I don't think it's good taste to exploit this teenager's lapse of political judgement. She has nothing to do with whatever her father his doing at home; leave her alone. Emails should be kept private.

rethots said... scares me that more often than not, we take things out of proportion; going beyond the issue and personalising things.
This way, nothing constructive will ever be achieved.

Aee Bonrue said...

Poor child was talking from "I know my daddy and you don't." Point of view. Bound to be speaking from some place where the sun doesn't shine.

@Seun: "Emails should be kept private." Really?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately- this Tobi Fani- Kayode 7 years later is still being an idiot. What she does is trawl facebook pages and anyone she sees attacking her dad- she goes in for the kill. She's so stupid she doesn't realise it's the life her dad signed up for. She should should grin and bear it after all, she's in a posh school today because of the millions he STOLE from the mouth of ordinary citizens. That she even has the mouth to talk is beyond me. Or maybe it's her anorexia that is worrying her. I don't know oh. Anyway the main gist is that 7 years later she is still very much the same. You have to feel sorry for the girl- maybe she's inherited her fathers mental illness abi they said it is genetic.